About Anthony FERLA

My journey in photography began in front of the camera. As a young model at the age of seventeen, I found myself modelling around the world where I met photographers who inspired me to take on the art. Today I continue to model from time to time but my true passion lies behind the camera, where capturing the moment is what I do.

My career as a photographer is now a little over a decade in the making. I worked with Montreal’s top modelling agencies helping young aspiring models build their portfolios and launch their careers. For many years, portraits were my specialty. Along the way, I expanded my craft to wedding  photography, where I thrive to capture the uniquely joyful and special moments that bring meaning to a person’s life.

My style is simple and straightforward, I let the people I photograph tell their story. Every year during the wedding planning season, it is a pleasure for me to meet new couples. Every couple is different, they look different, they act different, they simply are different and that makes them all special. 

Why choose Anthony ?

Because you want your wedding photography to be as amazing as your big day, always  with style and class.

I always take on the responsibility of photographing these special days with equal attention and dedication you will invest, never forgetting the value these memories will have. I always say it and will keep saying it "less is more" I try to capture the moments that we can't really plan ahead, making sure that the essentials are taking care of, the rest is to be discovered.

After all that planing you want nothing but spectacular, that is my motivation! 


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